Zun 17 ♀

best of SMTM3  - producers version - part 1

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B.I accepting Tablo’s criticisms

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sorry for the new lyrics of fantastic baby, GD[x]



Never forget.

Always reblog. We can’t lose this important piece of history ever

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mix10: a mix of some of kang daesung's korean and japanese tracks~  [listen]

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite korean brand except stylenanda?:-)



tokyolabel, cheesedal, mixxmix, idk there’s probably a couple more i rlly like 

-Things I wish boys still did (and the reason I will be forever single)

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I don’t want a text from you at 3 am, I want a love letter written in your sloppy handwriting. Don’t like my post on Instagram, make me a mix tape of songs that make you cry. Surprise me with flowers and take me on a date to a bookstore. Even though I’m a feminist, pay for dinner because you’re a gentleman. Build a tent out of sheets and watch 80’s movies with me. I don’t want a snap chat from you, I want a phone call late at night when I’m crying. I don’t want to hear through your friends that you think I’m hot, instead man up and tell me that you think I’m beautiful. Slow dance with me at 2 am in the kitchen. Hold my hand in the hallway and offer to carry my books. Then I will think about loving you.
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